Free and open VR for the web.

Free, Open Source



Multiuser-ready is Web Virtual/Augmented Reality (WebXR) platform.

On the web, ready to use with any WebXR enabled browser, on any device.

Free and open, ready to help you make your own virtual worlds!

Oh, and it's multi-user enabled, so invite your friends over.

And, and it's voice enabled, so you can chat with your friends. (the browser will ask for your permission to use microphone)

To navigate in 3D space, drag mouse/finger, use arrow keys or WASD.

To enter VR, click/tap goggles icon on the right side of 3D view.

First step is to choose your avatar from the list of available avatars. Just select the button by avatar's name.

Once selected, the avatar will load, and list of available animations will appear on the left side. In VR, the avatar immediately mimics your movements - that's how other users will see you.

Or, choose a video avatar, and join as yourself! (the browser will ask for your permission to use camera)

Or, create your custom avatar. (provided by Ready Player Me, and set cookies)

Once you've choosen your avatar, you can enter a virtual world.

Have fun!

We do not collect any kind of personal data and do not track you in any way. We also do not provide any kind of user protection or waranty.