Class ServerConfig

  • @Component
    public class ServerConfig
    extends Object
    General server configuration. By default guest users are allowed (guestAllowed:true), new worlds are created on Enter command (createWorlds:true), number of concurrent sessions is unlimited (maxSessions:0), and session start fails immediately if maxSessions is reached (sessionStartTimeout:0)
    • Constructor Detail

      • ServerConfig

        public ServerConfig()
    • Method Detail

      • isGuestAllowed

        public boolean isGuestAllowed()
      • isCreateWorlds

        public boolean isCreateWorlds()
      • getMaxSessions

        public int getMaxSessions()
      • getSessionStartTimeout

        public int getSessionStartTimeout()
      • isBehindProxy

        public boolean isBehindProxy()
      • isSeleniumEnabled

        public boolean isSeleniumEnabled()
      • isWriteBackActive

        public boolean isWriteBackActive()
      • getWriteBackDelay

        public long getWriteBackDelay()
      • getServerDescripton

        public String getServerDescripton()
      • getServerUrl

        public String getServerUrl()
      • getServerThumbnail

        public String getServerThumbnail()
      • isAvailable

        public boolean isAvailable()
      • setGuestAllowed

        public void setGuestAllowed​(boolean guestAllowed)
      • setCreateWorlds

        public void setCreateWorlds​(boolean createWorlds)
      • setMaxSessions

        public void setMaxSessions​(int maxSessions)
      • setSessionStartTimeout

        public void setSessionStartTimeout​(int sessionStartTimeout)
      • setBehindProxy

        public void setBehindProxy​(boolean behindProxy)
      • setSeleniumEnabled

        public void setSeleniumEnabled​(boolean seleniumEnabled)
      • setWriteBackActive

        public void setWriteBackActive​(boolean writeBackActive)
      • setWriteBackDelay

        public void setWriteBackDelay​(long writeBackDelay)
      • setServerDescripton

        public void setServerDescripton​(String serverDescripton)
      • setServerUrl

        public void setServerUrl​(String serverUrl)
      • setServerThumbnail

        public void setServerThumbnail​(String serverThumbnail)
      • setAvailable

        public void setAvailable​(boolean available)
      • canEqual

        protected boolean canEqual​(Object other)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object