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active() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
add(Client, List<VRObject>) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
Add objects to client's current position
Add - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
Add(Collection<VRObject>) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Add
Add(VRObject...) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Add
addChange(String, Object) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.VREvent
addChildren(VRObject...) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
addFilter(String, Filter) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
addListener(VRObject) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.EventRecorder
addListener(VRObject) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
addObject(VRObject) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Add
addOwned(VRObject...) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Client
addResourceHandlers(ResourceHandlerRegistry) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.AdminUIConfiguration
addSession(Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.SessionTracker
AdminUIConfiguration - Class in org.vrspace.server.config
Adds static admin UI content to Spring resource path, and makes sure it's not cached.
AdminUIConfiguration() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.config.AdminUIConfiguration
afterConnectionClosed(WebSocketSession, CloseStatus) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.SessionManager
afterConnectionEstablished(WebSocketSession) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.SessionManager
angle - Variable in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Rotation
Animation - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
Animation() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.Animation
ApiException - Exception in org.vrspace.server.api
ApiException(String) - Constructor for exception org.vrspace.server.api.ApiException
ApiExceptionResolver - Class in org.vrspace.server.api
ApiExceptionResolver() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.api.ApiExceptionResolver
ApiExceptionResolver.ErrorMessage - Class in org.vrspace.server.api
ArthurBot - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
A proprietary bot.
ArthurBot() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.ArthurBot
ArthurBot.Response - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
authenticated(HttpSession) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.api.UserController
Check if the user is already authenticated
AuthResponse() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.api.SketchfabController.AuthResponse


Bot - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
A Bot is a Client that has no session.
Bot() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.Bot
BotConfig - Class in org.vrspace.server.config
BotConfig() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.config.BotConfig
BotConfig.BotProperties - Class in org.vrspace.server.config
BotLibre - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
BotLibre integration point, TODO
BotLibre() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.BotLibre
BotLibre.Query - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
BotLibre.Response - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
BotManager - Class in org.vrspace.server.core
BotManager() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.core.BotManager
BotProperties() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.config.BotConfig.BotProperties
BUFFER_SIZE - Static variable in class org.vrspace.server.core.SessionManager


cache - Variable in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
callback(String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.api.SketchfabController
Sketchfab oauth2 callback, as explained in https://sketchfab.com/developers/oauth#implement-auth-code Uses code provided by client to authorise at sketchfab, and returns 302 redirect to the saved referrer.
callback(String, String, HttpServletRequest) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.api.Oauth2Controller
checkName(String, HttpSession) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.api.UserController
Verifies that user name is available: if user is not logged in, that there's no such user, or user's name in the database matches name in current session.
ClassUtil - Class in org.vrspace.server.core
ClassUtil() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.core.ClassUtil
cleanup() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.SessionManager
clearToken(String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Client
Remove token for a given service
Client - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
Client() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.Client
Client(Long) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.Client
Client(String) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.Client
Client(ConcurrentWebSocketSessionDecorator) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.Client
CLIENT_ATTRIBUTE - Static variable in interface org.vrspace.server.core.ClientFactory
clientAttribute() - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.ClientFactory
Identifies client attribute name, used as key to store client name in session attributes.
clientFactory - Variable in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
ClientFactory - Interface in org.vrspace.server.core
Client factory interface, providing methods required to log in into the server.
ClientRequest - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
ClientRequest(Client, Command) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.ClientRequest
ClientRequest(VRObject) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.ClientRequest
ClientResponse - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
That's one bad flexible solution: a command can return anything.
ClientResponse() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.ClientResponse
command - Variable in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Echo
Command - Interface in org.vrspace.server.dto
config - Variable in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
config() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.NeoConfig
configure(HttpSecurity) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.WebSecurityConfig
Content - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
Content() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.Content
ContentCategory - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
ContentCategory() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.ContentCategory
contentDir() - Static method in class org.vrspace.server.core.FileUtil
Returns absolute name of content directory
ContentManager - Class in org.vrspace.server.web
Simple content manager, allows for browsing and uploading of files under org.vrspace.adminUI.contentRoot.
ContentManager() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.web.ContentManager
ContentTomcatCustomizer - Class in org.vrspace.server.config
Adds content and client (babylon) directories to content path, and enables directory listings.
ContentTomcatCustomizer() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.config.ContentTomcatCustomizer
copy(Point) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Point
countUsers() - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
countUsers(long) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
countUsers(long, boolean) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
createGuestClient(HttpHeaders, Map<String, Object>) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.ClientFactory
Create a new guest client, called only if server configuration allows for anonymous guest clients, and client name (security principal) is unknown.
createGuestClient(HttpHeaders, Map<String, Object>) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.DefaultClientFactory
Returns new client.
customize(TomcatServletWebServerFactory) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.ContentTomcatCustomizer
CustomTypeIdResolver - Class in org.vrspace.server.core
Custom jackson type resolver, used to deserialize Commands residing in org.vrspace.server.dto package
CustomTypeIdResolver() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.core.CustomTypeIdResolver


DefaultClientFactory - Class in org.vrspace.server.core
DefaultClientFactory() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.core.DefaultClientFactory
defaultWorld() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
delete(VRObject) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
delete(VRObject) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WriteBack
deleteById(Class<T>, Long) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRSpaceDB
deleteById(Class<T>, Long) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.VRSpaceDBImpl
deleteById(Long) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
deleteMembers(Class<?>, VRObject) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
Describe - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
Describe() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Describe
deserialize(JsonParser, DeserializationContext) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.JacksonConfig.SanitizeStringDeserializer
disconnect(Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.StreamManager
dispatch(VREvent) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Dispatcher
dispatch(VREvent) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
Dispatcher - Class in org.vrspace.server.core
Event dispatcher.
Dispatcher(ObjectMapper) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.core.Dispatcher
download(String, HttpServletRequest) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.api.SketchfabController
Sketchfab download, as explained in https://sketchfab.com/developers/download-api/downloading-models Requires successful authentication, returns 401 unauthorised unless the server is authorised with sketchfab (token exists).
downloadDir() - Static method in class org.vrspace.server.core.FileUtil
Returns location of downloads directory: either Downloads under user home directory, or temporary directory
DownloadResponse() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.api.SketchfabController.DownloadResponse


Echo - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
Echoes back the command for e.g.
Echo(Command) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Echo
Echo(VREvent) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Echo
Embedded - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
Entity that hides it's ID from JSON - useful for member variables that need to be persisted, but cannot exist without their parent object.
Embedded() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.Embedded
enter(Client, String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
enter(Client, World) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
Enter - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
Enter() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Enter
Entity - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
This is whatever we need to store to the database.
Entity() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.Entity
ErrorMessage() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.api.ApiExceptionResolver.ErrorMessage
event - Variable in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Echo
EventRecorder - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
Records all events in the world, saves them to the database, plays them back.
EventRecorder() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.EventRecorder
EventRecorder(WorldManager, Client, String) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.EventRecorder
execute(WorldManager, Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Add
execute(WorldManager, Client) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.dto.Command
execute(WorldManager, Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Describe
execute(WorldManager, Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Echo
execute(WorldManager, Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Enter
execute(WorldManager, Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Log
execute(WorldManager, Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Ping
execute(WorldManager, Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Recording
execute(WorldManager, Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Refresh
execute(WorldManager, Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Remove
execute(WorldManager, Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Session


FactoryConfig - Class in org.vrspace.server.config
Configuration of object factories, only ClientFactory for the time being.
FactoryConfig() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.config.FactoryConfig
FileInfo() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.api.SketchfabController.FileInfo
FileList - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
FileList() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.FileList
FileUtil - Class in org.vrspace.server.core
FileUtil() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.core.FileUtil
Filter - Interface in org.vrspace.server.types
findById(Class<T>, Long) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRSpaceDB
findById(Class<T>, Long) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.VRSpaceDBImpl
findById(Long) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
findClient(Principal, VRObjectRepository, HttpHeaders, Map<String, Object>) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.ClientFactory
Find an authorised known client, called only if security principal is known.
findClient(Principal, VRObjectRepository, HttpHeaders, Map<String, Object>) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.DefaultClientFactory
Returns client existing in the database, identified by "local-user-name" attribute value.
findContentCategoryByName(String) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
findGltfModelByUid(String) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
findSubclasses(Class<?>) - Static method in class org.vrspace.server.core.ClassUtil
Returns all subclasses/implementations of given class/interface.
flush() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WriteBack


get(double, double, double, double) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Returns transforms within the range Does not return permanent objects TODO: check bounding boxes
get(Class<T>, Long) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRSpaceDB
get(Class<T>, Long) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.VRSpaceDBImpl
get(HttpServletRequest) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.web.ContentManager
get(ID) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Retrieve an object in the scene FIXME used only in tests?
get(ID) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
getClient(Long) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.SessionManager
getClient(Long) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
getClientByName(String) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRSpaceDB
getClientByName(String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.VRSpaceDBImpl
getClientByName(String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
getClientByName(String, Class<T>) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRSpaceDB
getClientByName(String, Class<T>) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.VRSpaceDBImpl
getClientByName(String, Class<T>) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
getClosest(double, double, double) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Returns the closest Transform to the specified point
getDistance(double, double, double) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Point
getEvent() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.PersistentEvent
getEvents() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.EventRecorder
getId() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Embedded
getMechanism() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.CustomTypeIdResolver
getMember(Class<T>, Long) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
getMessage() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.PersistentEvent
getObjectId() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
getOrCreateWorld(String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
getParameter(String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Bot
Returns a parameter from parameter map
getPermanents(Long) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
getPermanents(Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
getPoint(List<Double>) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.BotConfig.BotProperties
getPoints(double, double, double, double, double, double) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
getPoints(Point, Point) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
getRange(Long, double, double, double, double, double, double) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
getRange(Long, Point, Point) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
getRange(Client, Point, Point) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
getResponse(Client, String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.ArthurBot
getResponse(Client, String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Bot
getResponse(Client, String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.BotLibre
getRotation(List<Double>) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.BotConfig.BotProperties
getSourceClassName() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.VREvent
getSourceId() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.VREvent
getSourceID() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.VREvent
getToken(String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Client
Returns token for a given service
getWorld(String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
getWorldByName(String) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
GltfModel - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
GltfModel() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.GltfModel


handleConflict(RuntimeException, WebRequest) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.api.ApiExceptionResolver
handleTextMessage(WebSocketSession, TextMessage) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.SessionManager
handleUnknownClient(HttpHeaders, Map<String, Object>) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.ClientFactory
Called if guest clients are not allowed, and user name (security principal) is unknown.
hasPoint(List<Double>) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.BotConfig.BotProperties


ID - Class in org.vrspace.server.types
ID(Map<String, Long>) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.types.ID
ID(T) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.types.ID
idFromValue(Object) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.CustomTypeIdResolver
idFromValueAndType(Object, Class<?>) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.CustomTypeIdResolver
init() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
init(JavaType) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.CustomTypeIdResolver
init(WorldManager, Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.EventRecorder
isActive() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
isActive() - Static method in interface org.vrspace.server.types.Filter
isActiveOrOwned(Client) - Static method in interface org.vrspace.server.types.Filter
isCommand() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.ClientRequest
isEqual(Point) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Point
Utility method, confirms that coordinates of this point match the coordinates of the other point.
isInRange(double, double, double, double) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Point
isInRange(Point, double) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Point
isOwned(Client) - Static method in interface org.vrspace.server.types.Filter
isOwner(VRObject) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Client
isPermanent() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
isTemporary() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
isVisible(VRObject) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Test Transform against set of filters.


jackson - Variable in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
JacksonConfig - Class in org.vrspace.server.config
Jackson JSON parser configuration.
JacksonConfig() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.config.JacksonConfig
JacksonConfig.SanitizeStringDeserializer - Class in org.vrspace.server.config
Converts JSON string to Java string
JacksonConfig.SanitizeStringSerializer - Class in org.vrspace.server.config
Converts Java string to JSON string
join(Client, World) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.StreamManager
Disconnect a client from an existing session, and create a new session for a world


list() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.api.WorldController
list(MultipartFile[], HttpServletRequest) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.web.ContentManager
listClasses() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
listWorlds() - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
log - Static variable in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository
Log - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
Browsers on mobile devices do not have javscript console, and USB debugging is next to useless.
Log() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Log
login(String, HttpSession, HttpServletRequest) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.api.Oauth2Controller
login(HttpServletRequest) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.api.SketchfabController
Start of the login sequence.
login(ConcurrentWebSocketSessionDecorator) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
Remote user login over websocket.
login(Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
Stage 2 of login, executed once client has been identified.
LoginResponse() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.api.SketchfabController.LoginResponse
logout(Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Notification that a client has logged out - removes it from the scene and sends Remove message.
logout(Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager


main(String[]) - Static method in class org.vrspace.server.ServerApplication
mainCategory() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.GltfModel
map() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.types.ID
minus(double) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Point


NeoConfig - Class in org.vrspace.server.config
Starts embedded Neo4J with database in directory specified in org.vrspace.db property - only if the property is set.
NeoConfig() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.config.NeoConfig
neoStart(Path) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.NeoConfig
newInstance() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.SceneProperties
next() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Remove
notifyListeners(VREvent) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
nullSafeDelete(Entity) - Method in interface org.vrspace.server.core.VRObjectRepository


Oauth2Controller - Class in org.vrspace.server.api
Oauth2Controller() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.api.Oauth2Controller
objectMapper() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.JacksonConfig
objectMapperBuilder() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.JacksonConfig
objectsAdded(List<VRObject>) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Bot
New objects in the scene, typically a client that has arrived.
objectsRemoved(List<Map<String, Long>>) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Bot
Objects removed from the scene, typically a client that has left.
offer(Collection<VRObject>) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Offer object(s) to the scene.
offer(VRObject) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Offer an object to the scene.
onApplicationEvent(ContextRefreshedEvent) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.BotManager
org.vrspace.server - package org.vrspace.server
org.vrspace.server.api - package org.vrspace.server.api
org.vrspace.server.config - package org.vrspace.server.config
org.vrspace.server.core - package org.vrspace.server.core
org.vrspace.server.dto - package org.vrspace.server.dto
org.vrspace.server.obj - package org.vrspace.server.obj
org.vrspace.server.types - package org.vrspace.server.types
org.vrspace.server.web - package org.vrspace.server.web
Owned - Annotation Type in org.vrspace.server.types
Whatever is Owned, can be changed only by owner(s)


passive() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
PersistentEvent - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
Persistent version of event that can be stored to the database.
PersistentEvent() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.PersistentEvent
PersistentEvent(long, String, Command) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.PersistentEvent
PersistentEvent(long, String, VREvent, VRObject) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.PersistentEvent
Ping - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
Ping() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Ping
play() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.EventRecorder
Play recorded client events as own events, optionally restart the loop when finished.
play(Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.EventRecorder
Play back to a client sends all recorded events back to a client, optionally restarts the loop when finished.
plus(double) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Point
Point - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
Point(Point) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.Point
Private - Annotation Type in org.vrspace.server.types
Whatever is marked as Private, changes will not be announced to listeners.
processEvent(VREvent) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Bot
Process an event.
processEvent(VREvent) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Client
processEvent(VREvent) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.EventRecorder
processEvent(VREvent) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
This implementation does nothing
projectHomeDirectory() - Static method in class org.vrspace.server.core.ClassUtil
Determines project home directory (parent of server/) from own class location.
props - Variable in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
publish(VRObject) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Publish an object - notify all clients in range
publishAll(Collection<VRObject>) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Offer some object(s) to scenes of all listeners.


Quaternion - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
Quaternion() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.Quaternion
Query() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.BotLibre.Query


Recording - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
Command to start/stop/play recording of client's events.
Recording() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Recording
Refresh - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
FIXME: clear causes ConcurrentModificationException during scene removal
Refresh() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Refresh
registerWebSocketHandlers(WebSocketHandlerRegistry) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.WebSocketConfig
remove(String, Long) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Remove
remove(Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.SessionTracker
remove(Client, VRObject) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
Remove - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
Remove(String, Long) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Remove
Remove(List<Map<String, Long>>) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Remove
Remove(VRObject) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Remove
Remove(ID...) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Remove
removeAll() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Remove all objects from the scene, and stop listening to changes.
removeFilter(String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
removeListener(VRObject) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
removeObject(VRObject) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.Remove
removeOfflineClients() - Static method in interface org.vrspace.server.types.Filter
removeOwned(VRObject...) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Client
respondTo(Client, String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Bot
Get response to something that a client "said", and write it
Response() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.ArthurBot.Response
Response() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.BotLibre.Response
Rotation - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
Rotation() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.Rotation


SanitizeStringDeserializer() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.config.JacksonConfig.SanitizeStringDeserializer
SanitizeStringSerializer() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.config.JacksonConfig.SanitizeStringSerializer
save(T) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
Scene - Class in org.vrspace.server.core
This keeps track of objects visible to the Client.
Scene() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Scene(WorldManager, Client) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Creates new Scene for Client client
sceneProperties - Variable in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
SceneProperties - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
SceneProperties() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.SceneProperties
selfTest() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.ArthurBot
selfTest() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Bot
Self test runs on server startup.
selfTest() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.BotLibre
SEND_TIMEOUT - Static variable in class org.vrspace.server.core.SessionManager
sendMessage(Object) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Bot
Scene management method, called when the scene changes.
sendMessage(Object) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Client
sendMessage(Object) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.EventRecorder
serialize(String, JsonGenerator, SerializerProvider) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.JacksonConfig.SanitizeStringSerializer
ServerApplication - Class in org.vrspace.server
Main application
ServerApplication() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.ServerApplication
ServerConfig - Class in org.vrspace.server.config
General server configuration.
ServerConfig() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.config.ServerConfig
serviceId - Static variable in class org.vrspace.server.core.StreamManager
Session - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
Session() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Session
SessionException - Exception in org.vrspace.server.core
Thrown when the session needs to be terminated.
SessionException(String) - Constructor for exception org.vrspace.server.core.SessionException
SessionManager - Class in org.vrspace.server.core
Keeps track all WebSocket sessions.
SessionManager() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.core.SessionManager
sessionTracker - Variable in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
SessionTracker - Class in org.vrspace.server.core
Used to limit number of concurrent active sessions.
SessionTracker(ServerConfig) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.core.SessionTracker
setDirty() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Ensure the scene will be updated on next update() call.
setMaxSessions(int) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.SessionTracker
setParams(String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.BotConfig.BotProperties
setToken(String, String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Client
Set token for a given service
size() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
size() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WriteBack
SketchfabController - Class in org.vrspace.server.api
SketchfabController() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.api.SketchfabController
SketchfabController.AuthResponse - Class in org.vrspace.server.api
SketchfabController.DownloadResponse - Class in org.vrspace.server.api
SketchfabController.FileInfo - Class in org.vrspace.server.api
SketchfabController.LoginResponse - Class in org.vrspace.server.api
sourceIs(VRObject) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.dto.VREvent
start() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.EventRecorder
startSession(Client) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
stop() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.config.NeoConfig
stop() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.EventRecorder
StreamManager - Class in org.vrspace.server.core
Manages streaming sessions to OpenVidu server.
StreamManager() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.core.StreamManager


toString() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Bot
typeFromId(DatabindContext, String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.CustomTypeIdResolver


unpublish() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Unpublish this client - notifies all clients in the range that it has logged out.
unpublish(Collection<VRObject>) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Remove objects and notify all clients they are removed.
unzip(File, File) - Static method in class org.vrspace.server.core.FileUtil
Unzip a file to a directory
update() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.Scene
Update the scene current client's coordinates.
upload(HttpServletRequest, String, int, MultipartFile) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.web.ContentManager
UserController - Class in org.vrspace.server.api
UserController() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.api.UserController
userName(HttpSession) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.api.UserController
Returns current user name
userObject(HttpSession) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.api.UserController
Returns current user object
users() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.api.WorldController


VREvent - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
VREvent(VRObject) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.VREvent
VREvent(VRObject, Client) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.VREvent
VRObject - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
VRObject(double, double, double) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
VRObject(Long, double, double, double, VRObject...) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
VRObject(Long, VRObject...) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
VRObject(World) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
VRObject(World, double, double, double) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.VRObject
VRObjectRepository - Interface in org.vrspace.server.core
VRSpaceDB - Interface in org.vrspace.server.core
VRSpaceDBImpl - Class in org.vrspace.server.core
VRSpaceDBImpl() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.core.VRSpaceDBImpl


WebSecurityConfig - Class in org.vrspace.server.config
WebSecurityConfig() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.config.WebSecurityConfig
WebSocketConfig - Class in org.vrspace.server.config
Configures WebSocket path (default:/vrspace) and allowed origins (default:*)
WebSocketConfig() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.config.WebSocketConfig
Welcome - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
Welcome(Client, VRObject...) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.Welcome
World - Class in org.vrspace.server.obj
VRObject container, contains isolated parts of space, like chat room.
World() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.obj.World
WorldController - Class in org.vrspace.server.api
WorldController() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.api.WorldController
WorldManager - Class in org.vrspace.server.core
Main component that manages all interactions with virtual worlds.
WorldManager() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.core.WorldManager
WorldStatus - Class in org.vrspace.server.dto
WorldStatus() - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.dto.WorldStatus
write(String) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Bot
Utility method - "say" something.
write(VRObject) - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WriteBack
WriteBack - Class in org.vrspace.server.core
Experimental thread-safe write-back component.
WriteBack(VRObjectRepository) - Constructor for class org.vrspace.server.core.WriteBack
writeRequests() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WriteBack
writes() - Method in class org.vrspace.server.core.WriteBack


x - Variable in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Rotation


y - Variable in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Rotation


z - Variable in class org.vrspace.server.obj.Rotation
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