Class Point

  • @Node
    public class Point
    extends Embedded
    • Constructor Detail

      • Point

        public Point​(Point position)
    • Method Detail

      • getDistance

        public double getDistance​(double x,
                                  double y,
                                  double z)
      • isInRange

        public boolean isInRange​(Point p,
                                 double range)
      • isInRange

        public boolean isInRange​(double x,
                                 double y,
                                 double z,
                                 double range)
      • plus

        public Point plus​(double val)
      • minus

        public Point minus​(double val)
      • isEqual

        public boolean isEqual​(Point p)
        Utility method, confirms that coordinates of this point match the coordinates of the other point. Method equals() can't be used for that purpose as it includes object id - requirement for persistence.
        p - Point to compare
        true if all coordinates are equal